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    Conference "CriMiCo"

    The annual International Crimean Conferences "Microwave & Telecommunication Technology", which have been held since 1991. At the previous 15 conferences 3406 papers have been presented by 2000 specialists from 500 universities and enterprises of 24 countries.

    International Crimean Conferences Microwave & Telecommunication Technology


    Organizers & Sponsors:
    Sevastopol National Technical University (Ukraine)
          Conference in SevNTU    
    SSPE «Istok» (Fryazino, Russia)
    Nanoelektronika TD (Moscow)
    Microwave Systems Co. (Moscow)
    OJS SPE «Saturn» (Kiev)
    Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, Radioelectronics & Communication Systems Section
    Faza Co. (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
    Tavrida National University after prof. V. I. Vernadsky (Simferopol, Ukraine)
    Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (Katsiveli, Ukraine)
    Popov Crimean Scientific and Technological Center (Ukraine)
    Technical & Information Co-Sponsors:
    IEEE MTT/ED Central Chapter, Ukraine Section
    IEEE AP/C/EMC/SP Joint Kharkov Chapter of the Ukraine Section
    «Technology & Designing in Electronic Equipment» Magazine (Odessa, Ukraine)
    «Microwave Technics & Devices» Magazine (Kiev, Ukraine)



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