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    TCSET'2012 - Modern Problems of Radio Engineering, Telecommunications and Computer Science

    Thematic sections:


    1. The theory of electrical circuits and signals.

    2. Mathematical modeling in electronics, telecommunications, and computer science.

    3. Antennas and microwave equipment.

    4. Radio-electronic devices and systems.

    5. Electronics: devices and systems, micro-and nanotechnology.

    6. Information and communication systems and networks.

    7. Quality, reliability and diagnostics of electronic and telecommunication systems and devices.

    8. Theoretical and algorithmic and software aspects of telecommunication systems.

    9. Electromagnetic compatibility of electronic complexes and systems;

    10.Bezopasnost information technology;

    11. Selection and processing of information;

    12. Biotech and medical devices and systems;

    13. Radar surveillance, detection and object recognition;

    14. Satellite communication systems, navigation and positioning;

    15. Electronic design automation tools;

    16. Computer modeling of electrical and power systems.


    Country, region: Ukraine, Lviv

    Location: The urban village Slavske, Lviv region.



    The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

    National University "Lviv Polytechnic"

    Western Ukrainian Branch IEEE

    Lviv Regional Directorate of JSC "Ukrtelecom"

    Institute of Radioelectronics, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

    Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

    Military Technical Academy, Poland


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