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  •  Writing program for cleaning the crowded C: drive on Python
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    Writing program for cleaning the crowded C: drive on Python

    Writing program for cleaning the crowded C: drive in Python

    New updates of Windows occupied 600Mb on hard drive. From 100 Gb of space on drive C: left only 300 Mb empty space. In folder Downloads every big file was already deleted. Cleaning cache with CCleaner could help only for few days. It's time to make global cleaning of system. During two last years my Windows stored plenty of useless data that need to be found and removed. File size has become the main search criteria. I decided manually go through all files that occupy more then 50 Mb. In Linux it took only one command to solve this problem:

    find / -type f | xargs du -sh | sort -n | tail -50

    But in Linux there would not be such problem in first place. For Windows exists plenty of software that could solve this problem. Even Total Commander could do it using additional search. But I decides to take a challenge and create own solution on Python. 

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    Analysis of Approaches Used to Raise Productivity of PHP Programs

    It is common knowledge that PHP is one of the most popular technologies for the creation of Internet-projects. At the same time, it is quite demanding towards the hardware of application servers. Hence, as the popularity of such web-resource increases with time, there might happen a “critical moment,” when the server would stop responding to requests.

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